Distinctive Features

  1. Part-time studies at the weekends allow the participants to reconcile the development of knowledge about information technologies and professional work.
  2. Part-time studies are mainly addressed to practitioners – people who are currently building their professional career outside university and are preparing for its dynamic future growth.
  3. In the course of studies, students will be provided with the opportunity to consolidate the horizontal knowledge on creating optimum IT systems which will be further developed (the vertical knowledge) with issues which are interesting for particular groups or individual PhD students.
  4. Even those students who decide to leave the course after the first or the second year will gain specialist knowledge of great value for the IT sector. This will be confirmed with certificates after each year of studies, providing the number of ECTS credits obtained.
  5. The course develops the students’ capacity to create IT systems by providing them with detailed and systematized knowledge with the ability to make appropriate decisions.
  6. Intensive programme for the first two years – The first two years of the course are intended to build expert knowledge about ICT Architecture and to provide the foundations for conducting scientific work. The knowledge gained by the students will be coherent and will significantly increase the employee’s value on the labour market.
  7. The international character of the studies allows for the sharing of experiences and cooperation which is required in the global world.
  8. Due to the complexity of created systems, analytical skills are required along with the ability of modelling, synthesising and working as a team over complex issues. The implementation of e-learning will facilitate the team work.
  9. The studies encourage the business value assessment of the developed solutions and projects.
  10. The studies support scientific work which takes up the challenges related to the development of modern technologies and the necessity to develop various methodologies and optimisation of solutions at the appropriate level of abstraction.