Studies Areas

Areas of the Part-time Doctoral Studies are related to solutions which are of current value for the IT sector. Below, there is a list of fields and issues that will be further developed and completed and is for reference purposes only.

  1. Research area related to systems and software and all aspects of software engineering, connected with the issue of software allocation in hardware infrastructure. In this area, the following issues may, for example, be discussed:
    • System research, system engineering, ontology,
    • Methods, tools and experimental studies related to requirements, designing, architecture, verification and validation, maintenance and evolution of software,
    • Approach to mobile solutions, that employ real time processes, are based on cloud computing, reactive and virtual,
    • Data processing and big data issues in software systems,
    • Quality attributes, certificates and evaluation of software systems;
  2. Research area related to the development of software. This area concerns the improvement of software development processes and includes, for example, the following issues:
    • Software management, software development processes, quality and maturity of processes, human factors in software development,
    • Software lifecycle: architecture design, modelling, specification, programming, testing, verification, validation, implementation, and evolution of software,
    • Identification, analysis and modelling of functional and non-functional requirements,
    • Experimental research related to all aspects of engineering and software development management,
    • Software development based on: agile methods, model approach, service-orientation, open software, global methods,
    • Business and economic aspects of software development;
  3. Research area related to corporate enterprise architectures, enterprise IT systems and software development within IT enterprises. In this area, the following issues may, for example, be discussed:
    • Designing IT systems for enterprises, CRM, ERP systems, logistics issues,
    • Business intelligence, modelling of business processes and workflow models, enterprise modelling and integration issues,
    • Corporate architectures and application concepts in various branches of industry, inter-enterprise cooperation, collaborative development, virtual enterprise,
    • Corporate architecture design, service-oriented architecture (SOA), model-driven architecture (MDA), cloud computing, big data analytics (BDA), component-oriented architecture,
    • Systems integration, integrated manufacturing systems, industrial IT.